MRSA / Superbug Decontamination

Unfortunately the world we are currently living in is full of many communicable diseases. It has been found that 1 out of 5 people have a communicable disease. Statistics show 1 out of 300 hundred in New Jersey is currently infected with HIV. As many as 1 out of 20 people in the country have hepatitis and 1 out of 5 are infected with herpes.

According to OSHA there are two types of diseases readily discussed: infectious and communicable. OSHA defines an infectious disease as an “illness resulting from the invasion of the body by a bacteria, virus, fungi, or parasite.” OSHA defines a communicable disease as “a disease which can be readily spread from one person to another under certain conditions. A disease can be infectious but not communicable.”

Communicable diseases are spread two ways, direct contact and indirect contact. Direct contact transmission occurs when there is direct contact with infected body fluids or blood. Indirect transmission occurs when the infected individual spreads the disease to an object and then to another person.

Methicillain-resistant Staphycoccuss aureaus (MRSA), is a pencilllin resistant bacteria which in the past was almost always found in the healthcare field. Developing new strains have found their way into mainstream society and into the places we frequent. Pools, hot tubs, locker rooms, prisons, restrooms, schools, day care centers, and playgrounds are all breeding grounds for MRSA. These infection-causing bacteria can spread within hours, and does not care how strong or healthy your body is.

All Island Bio-Recovery has a supersantitization program that we offer schools, sports clubs, and teams to combat MRSA. This program is tailored to each facility that we clean. With specialized equipment we eradicate harmful bacteria from locker rooms that have tile floors and all the touchable surfaces are sprayed and power washed with a disinfectant designed to kill MRSA and other bacteria. In the case of day care centers, all touchable surfaces are treated with a MRSA killing disinfectant. We not only clean after the outbreak, we offer maintenance programs before the facility has a critical incident.

All Island Bio-Recovery also offers consultation to agencies and their staff on facility changes and daily maintenance procedures that can lower the risk of infection within the facility. Although no cleaning or disinfecting program can eliminate all bacteria, both good and bad completely, we can help minimize the chance of spreading the disease.

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