All Island Bio-Recovery

All Island Bio-Recovery is a full service Biohazard / Crime Scene Cleanup company from Ronkonkoma, NY.

Serving the Long Island & NYC Metro area, All Island Bio-Recovery strives to handle each and every job with expertise, professionalism, and discreetly to provide minimal interuption to your home, business, or patrons.

Our highly certified staff practices safety first, as we help you convert a dismal situation into a safe and habitable area. Most of our services, including Crime Scene Cleanup are covered by Home owners insurance, or the NYS Crime victims association, ensuring that after a tradgey, you aren’t left with the Aftermath of a tradgey, and a bill.

All Island Bio-Recovery is licensed by the EPA & NYS DMV in the transport and hauling of medical and hazardous waste.

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Most of our services are reimbursable through homeowners insurance or the NYS Crime Victims Association.
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